10 Spring Break Ideas for the Family

The beginning of March not only signifies the impending arrival of spring, but the month when students everywhere will be on break. Spring Break is here and parents are scurrying to find last minute ideas for their soon to be restless kids. Here are a few last minute ideas for Spring Break activities the entire family can enjoy.

1. Spring Break Camps: Museums, playcare programs, scientific centers and more are having 5 day camps during the month of March. Kids can participate in STEM and art programs, allowing them to learn even during their break. Check your local area for specific camps.

2. Visit a museum.

3. Do a scavenger hunt around the city. Discover new parts of the city you’ve never seen. This is a great way to tour the city while having fun.

4. Start your own garden with your kids in the back yard. With spring right around the corner, now may be a great time to start planting flowers and giving your kids hands on experience with blooming. Visit https://www.kidsgardening.org for tips on teaching your kids to garden.

5. Take a family staycation. You don’t have to travel far for an adventure. Take a couple days off and visit a local resort like the Great Wolf Lodge.

6. Create an adventure calendar for the week. Have the family make suggestions fur fun activities they can do everyday. Select your favorite 5 and create a calendar. You can even make it fun by making the selection process a game. Have everyone vote for their favorite activity like going to the zoo or an indoor water park. You could also have everyone put their selection in a sealed container. Everyday randomly choose an activity for the day. It will be a surprise for the whole family.

7. Visit an arboretum. Spring is the most beautiful time to go to an arboretum. There are fresh blossoms and you are reminded that springtime is near.

8. Have a family lazy day. Pick a day to stay in your pajamas all day and enjoy breakfast in bed, movie night, games and sleeping in. They don’t call it Spring Break for nothing.

9. Have a “take your kid to work day.” If your company allows it (and you think you have a pretty cool job) give your kids a firsthand look at what you do all day.

10. Go on a spring drive. Each city has peak blooming time where the flowers are the most beautiful and vibrant. Drive out to rural areas where trees and flowers are abundant. Enjoy nature, and take lots of pictures. Click here for a list of beautiful spring drives.

Don’t forget to take lots of pictures, and create a photo album of the week’s adventures. Share them with us.

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