5 Apps Every Mompreneur Should Have

Let’s face it. Mompreneurs are some of the busiest people on earth. The art of balancing family, business, community and leisure activities requires not only certain skill sets, but the assistance of modern technology to streamline otherwise cumbersome tasks. Here are 5 must-have apps that will make your life more productive without requiring more work. The best feature of all of these apps, they are free. It was hard to narrow it down to 5 so we will be doing another list soon.

1. Trello
If you run a small business, you know that it is the collaboration of an amazing team that helps you to get everything done. With a variety of tasks comes the possibility of something falling through the cracks. Emails get lost, Excel spreadsheets become confusing and the use of paper is just archaic. Trello is a collaborative app that allows you to communicate and organize tasks and projects with your team. The flexibility of the app allows you to organize anything with anyone. You are able to see everything regarding your project with just one look. You can create boards and lists as well as assign tasks that your whole team can access.

Learn more at https://trello.com/.

2. Icon
I have been to several networking events where it felt like my only accomplishment was the collection of business cards. As business cards accumulate, they become more challenging to store. Even when you tranfser the information electronically, it is easy to forgot which business card belongs to whom. I am not convinced that the collection of business cards is the most effective way to ensure follow-up. In comes Icon, the social powered business card that keeps all of your information online on a profile page. Your profile page not only includes your contact information along with website and social media links, but it also includes your social media feeds. Visitors can see your latest posts right on your electronic business card. You can send your electronic business card or vcard through text message and/or email. You may also save contacts as a part of your Icon account.

Learn more at https://icon.me/.

3. Food
This app is so much more than its simple name. Busy schedules increase the need for meal planning. The food app allows you to meal plan, create shopping lists, and find thousands of recipes. There’s a plethora of ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert.

Learn more at http://www.food.com/.

4. Shake for Business
It’s a daunting thought, but if you are a small business owner, at some point, you will need legal assistance. Whether it is to assist you in the beginning with formation or contract development, a lawyer may help keep you out of court and in the office. Shake for Business is a new app that allows you to create, share and sign legal agreements electronically. You may create your own agreement or use one of their templates.

Learn more at https://www.shakelaw.com/.

5. Cozi
I love this app! It is one of the best family organizer apps around. Just ask the moms at Circle of Moms. Their editors voted Cozi the number one iPhone app for moms. This app allows you to manage all of your family’s activities, meals and more. You can create shopping and to-do lists, schedule family events, and capture memories all in one place. My favorite feature is the ability to send all of the lists and calendars to everyone in the family.

Learn more at http://www.cozi.com/.

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