“A New Year, A New You” – 5 Habits You Should Take into 2017

Lose ten pounds. Learn Spanish. Start my book. These are just a few of the New Year’s resolutions I have made to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another. By March, I find myself staring at a list of unaccomplished goals. Making New Year’s resolutions is synonymous with personal transformation. The failure to execute these declarations of change is as customary as the resolutions themselves.

Resolutions often fail, because they serve as an arbitrary list that is to be accomplished in one year. Little attention is shown to altering behavior or developing a plan of action that is specific to each resolution or to you….the mompreneur. As a mompreneur, you have mastered the art of balance. Your life has become a juggling act defined by flying balls and spinning plates. Why add one more list to your life?

In 2016, elevate your career, business or life by focusing on habits rather than resolutions. Perform consistent actions that lead to long-term change in your behavior and thoughts. Here are 5 habits every mompreneur should practice to get closer to a “new you.

1. Take “me time” breaks: There is a viral video of the incomparable Jada Pinkett-Smith encouraging moms to put themselves first. It is very hard to be a positive figure in your children’s lives when you are constantly drained. Steal moments of time to relax and reflect on you, your accomplishments and your goals. Eliminate outside clutter and noise. Meditate. Pray. Leverage your inner strength. Do whatever replenishes your mind, body and soul… and do it often.

2. Schedule in-person meetings: Make your business more about people rather than convenience. Email, text and phone calls should not be your only modes of communication. Use the old school method and meet in person. People are more likely to do business with someone they have met face to face. If distance is an issue, use Skype or other video conference tools to connect.

3. Read to succeed: Educating yourself should be constant. Remain a student who is eager to learn. Put together a list of books that address different areas of your life and business that need the most improvement. Consider joining a book club that will allow you to meet like-minded women and be held accountable for completing your reading list.

4. Try something new every week: Whether it is eating a new food, meeting a new person or test driving an exotic car, experience something new every week. The scope of the experience is not as important as the value and the potential to take you out of your comfort zone. Once you get into the habit of trying new things, you get one step closer to fearlessness.

5. Make your bed: How you start your morning can determine the flow of the rest of your day. When you are more organized and together in the morning, you have less stress and can accomplish more throughout the day. You are also setting a good example for your kids. According to lifehack.org, there are several ways making your bed can improve your life. One is, “It leads to other good habits.” I couldn’t agree more.

Vonna Matthews is the Founder of For Her Media, CEOMOM Magazine and Bottles, Bibs & Pumps, a lifestyle brand for working moms. She is a wife, mother and freelance writer who loves to inspire and motivate women.

This article originates from Walker’s Legacy.

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