Confessions of a Mompreneur: I’ve had it!

Before you get alarmed, everyone is fine. There have been no incidents or random acts of rage. Hubby is fine. My kid is fine. I’m fine. As I work to convince you that my world is as normal as it’s always been, I can imagine you asking, “If everyone is okay, why have you reached your breaking point? Why have you had it?”

Friday was a typical work day. I spent most of the day being a wife and mother and working as a mompreneur (in constantly interrupted intervals). My mom and stepdad came to visit. Since hubby works during the day, I appreciate the help of others so I can get work done. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I am a Work at Home Mom which is just a fancy way of saying, I am a Stay at Home Mom who strives to run a business while taking care of a toddler.

Although my mom was there to help, my daughter decided that she only wanted to be with me and refused to obey my mom. As the day progressed, I became more and more exhausted. There was nothing unusual about my exhaustion except this time there was a realization that I was not only physically tired, but mentally and emotionally drained. My exhaustion didn’t stem from one day of work, but months of a routine that prevents restoration. Although I have always been aware of my human limitations, my innate need to prove that I am “superwoman, hear me roar” keeps me from taking care of myself. A small break or extended lunch wouldn’t be enough to renew me. This time, I needed more.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I got online to find the best deal on a one night stay at the closest hotel. After booking my room, I packed an overnight bag, made my daughter’s dinner and waited on hubby to get home. Upon his arrival, I told him I was taking a mini Momcation. “I will be back tomorrow afternoon. This is the hotel. The little one’s dinner has already been prepared. Everything is okay. I just need a break.” This may seem a bit dramatic but it was exactly what I needed. I walked into my hotel room and heard complete silence. There were no demands of work, no screaming baby and no noise. Just me, my thoughts and what I had craved for so long…complete rest.

I ordered food, watched television, read, browsed the internet, slept in and the most important feat of all…I went to the bathroom alone. I did all of this with no interruptions. It was amazing.
I won’t say that one night away was the cure all, but it did teach me a valuable lesson. I will no longer get to the breaking point before I take action. Let’s face it, we moms take on more than we should. We take care of everyone around us before we take care of ourselves. Let’s change that by putting ourselves first more often. Here are 3 ways you can achieve rest, restoration and renewal.

1. Create a community. Don’t do everything alone. You are not an island so don’t function like one. Build a community of like-minded women with similar experiences. You can do this by getting involved in mommy groups, participating in moms night out events and women networking groups as well as reaching out to the women in your life. Ask for help, advice or just a listening ear.

2. Schedule some “me” time.
As much as we love our families, they bring constant noise and distractions to our lives. Remove yourself from the noise and distractions to revel in your own thoughts and experience true peace. Peace that will allow you to hear God and experience gratitude that inspires growth.

3. Watch out for signs of exhaustion. The idea is to prevent fatigue. Accomplish this by paying attention to your mind, body and soul. Be self aware and identify the signs that you’ve had enough. I become anxious which effects me physically. At that point, I know to pull back and rest.

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  1. A mini Momcation sounds wonderful. What a great idea. The idea of rest, restoration and renewal is so powerful and under discussed. Thanks for sharing.

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