Date Night Ideas for the Busy Mompreneur

Being a mom can be so time consuming that it becomes easy to neglect the romantic relationship in your life. It is important to not only take time for yourself, but to nurture relationships outside of being a mom. Studies of family behavior show that a strong connection with your significant other is the glue that holds the family together.

Here are ten date night ideas that will help you stay connected to the love of your life and be more than just mom.

1. Have a lunch date. Meet your significant other at work or meet at your favorite lunch spot. During work hours is a great time to enjoy each other’s company without the kids. These are the hours the children may be in school or at daycare, so take advantage.

2. Plan a simple staycation. Going away in most cases is the ideal choice, but with budget and time constraints, it may not always be possible. Plan a short getaway close to home at a local hotel or bed and breakfast. You can even create a paradise at home with a little creativity and love. Make your room look like a hotel with mints on the pillows and little gifts for each other.

3. Find a local drive-in movie theatre.
Those are hard to find, but a few still exist. What could be more romantic than this nostalgic activity that allows you to enjoy a classic movie or the latest blockbuster. Cuddle under the moon with your favorite movie snacks.

4. Have a picnic. This oldie, but goodie never grows out of style. Grab a basket, fill it with your favorite foods that are quick and easy to make, and head to the nearest park or arboretum. Feed each other or take an afternoon nap together in the shade.

5. Enjoy a couple’s workout or run. What better way to say I love you than taking care of your bodies together. Don’t make this health routine a one time event. Designate time to workout together on a regular basis.

6. Take a cooking class together. Learn to cook a dish that you never make at home. Choose a class that specializes in meals for two. A nice glass of wine would be an added treat.

7. Plan a romantic scavenger hunt.
Both partners can participate in this activity by planning different parts of the scavenger hunt to represent different places and activities for the date. For example, one partner could plan the dinner portion of the scavenger hunt. Each find could lead or give a hint of the dinner location. You could do the same for dessert and entertainment.

8. Do something out of the ordinary like sleep in or enjoy a sunrise together.
Keep it simple. The goal is less stress and more quality time.

9. Go to the park and act like kids. Reminisce about the days of your youth by swinging on the swings and going down the slides (if you can fit). Chase each other around the park and just live like kids for a moment.

10. Go to open houses for mansions. Whether you can afford a mansion or not, what could be more romantic than dreaming together.

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